Long before the members of Money Mafia were one of the hottest emerging rap groups in America, they’re popularity among hip hop audiences was on the rise in the cities of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Atlanta. The Members of Money Mafia are Ace B, Fame-O, BlaqnMild, Versace Slim, TEC, Maine Musik, Eastwood, Young Junne and Ms. Chee. Each of the members of Money Mafia was raised in a gritty set of neighborhoods that makes the news for its astonishing crime and murder rates. Money Mafia emerged from the struggle and pain of hip hop. These are artists who came together to create a real street sound in todays music culture and hip hop movement. The group has gained prominence throughout the country this year after dropping three hot mixtapes. Since the beginning of 2015 No Limit Forever Records released “We All We Got, “CP3” and “Hustlin” mixtapes. In addition, Money Mafia videos have garnered millions of views, before Money Mafia has launched a radio single. Young listeners have found the atmosphere in Money Mafia's sound and the message in their lyrics to be resonant in their own lives. Money Mafia's music, produced by the super producer BlaqnMild, primarily comprised of creative string and drum tracks punctuated by menacing, grimy street lyrics, sounds like the next evolution in Hip Hop. But more importantly, their music accurately and honestly reflects the violence, hopelessness, frustration, as well as moments of joy and success that so many strive to live in the ghetto. Money Mafia’s music is real, relatable and this group has paid their dues to be one of the most successful hip hop groups in the country.

Ace B - Born in New Orleans, raised originally in the Calliope projects started rapping at age seven. Influenced by the success of Master P and the fact that Master P came from the Calliope, Ace B is already a rap superstar which is seen through his hard work. This 22 year old is unstoppable in the music industry because of his versatility and niche for creating hit records. There is no limit to his future.

Fame-O - Born and raised in the eighth ward of New Orleans began rapping at the young age of thirteen. Fame-O started rapping as a way for him to share with the world what was going on in his community. The 23 year old has undeniable talent and work ethic which has enabled him to rise to fame.

BlaqNmilD- born in the city of New Orleans in the uptown area called the "3rd WARD" where he started rapping at the age of 11 and making beats....Blaq is locally know for producing New Orleans own BOUNCE music. Determined not to be labeled solely as a bounce producer, BlaqNmild has already proved to the world that he is a musical genius, by supplying hit records for Money Mafia and other hip hop stars, there is no limit to his success.

Versace Slim- The leader of the crew, there’s nothing that this boss hasn’t seen or done when it comes to this music industry. His unique swag and delivery has dominated the streets and become a cornerstone of hip hop. There’s no limit to the rebuilding of the empire of the world’s most dangerous street label with Versace Slim at the helm.

T.E.C. - Born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA Is the youngest of the crew but no rookie when it comes to street music. After being released from prison, the 19 year decided to changed his life and dedicated his life to his music. T.E.C. put Baton Rouge on his back and is the new Prince of the South. Considered the Kobe Bryant of No Limit Forever Records, T.E.C. leads the Tanks to an Industry wide Takeover and the Return of REAL STREET HIP HOP!!

Maine Musik- This 20 year old born and raised in the wicked streets of Baton Rouge, LA. As he and his partner in crime T.E.C. rapped in their basements. Maine’s unique talent and hard work landed him a deal with No Limit Forever Records where he is taken his classical grimy style to the world. He is considered the Spider of the group with his unique writing style.

Eastwood- born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, started rapping at age 17 inspired by the West Coast Sound and legends like Tupac, Biggie, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Eastwood is the West Coast piece of the puzzle to Money Mafia that landed him a deal with No Limit Forever. Eastwood is shining his talent on a national level and proving to the world he is the next big superstar emcee. He has paid his dues and is a phenomenal artist.

Young Junne - Young Junne originally from the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was locked up for two years, and has never been the same. Junne has become an incredible lyricist from the East Coast that tells a story and gives his fans motivation to keep on pushing and never give up. His unique delivery and style of rap has opened the doors to superstardom for this young lyricist.

Miss Chee – The first lady of the tank, an authentic Georgia girl coming straight out Atlanta. The gifted entertainer strives for perfection by exhibited professionalism and poise. In An industry dominated by men, Chee is always up for breaking new grounds as a female emcee. She can hang with the best of emcees as she is determined to build a legendary career, and there is no limit to her success.

Gangsta- Raised in Baton Rouge, LA you can get to know this rapper very well by listening to what he has to say in his verses. Gangsta has the unique ability to make you feel the pain and hope the street have to offer every time he spits his lyrics. There is No Limit to his success.

Calliope Popeye- Born and Raised in the Calliope projects located in New Orleans, LA. Popeye grew up under Master P’s influence both in the streets and rap game. “Pie” has perhaps the most unique voice on the label. His gritty voice and highly skilled rhymes has him poised to be one of the most respected artists in the rap game.

She Money- This 20 year old female emcee was raised in Monroe and Baton Rouge LA. She began rapping in high school as a hobby. After countless classmates encourage her to record the rest has been history. Her edgy lyrics and street influence has She Money ready to take over this industry.


No Limit Forever Records @2015